Triple Impact Nursery in Patagonia

Social Metabolism and Ecological Regeneration
Improves urban life


The project responds to biocultural transformation processes, contributing to addressing the environmental, social, and economic challenges facing urban and rural development in the Aysén Region. To this end, it develops various processes, such as seed collection, species recognition, taxonomy, classification, and storage, in order to contribute to the propagation and management of species that have never been domesticated. The nursery operates as an incubator of community projects, through the development of tactics and tools that carry out initiatives that promote health within communities and ecosystems. Defined as a collaborative platform, the nursery works constantly with local organizations and public institutions on projects that actively involve an entire territory, promoting synergistic relationships between the community and its environment.

Project File

  • Project Team

    Naturaleza Pública: María Jesús May Espinosa, Vania Slavia Brstilo Franklin, Josefina Tapia Domínguez, Francisco Javier Vio Morales, Javier Soler Guerrero, and Andrea Stockins Fuentes

  • Collaborators

    Patagonia Ecosystem Research Center (CIEP), National Forestry Corporation (CONAF), Forest Institute (INFOR), Agricultural Research Institute (INIA), National Kindergarten Institute (JUNJI), Municipalities (AREMU), Municipal Schools (DAEM), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Round River, Neighborhood Committees and Trade Associations.

  • Surface Area

    90 m2

  • Client

    Naturaleza Pública Foundation


Triple Impact Nursery in Patagonia, Puerto Guadal, Aysén Region, 2022
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