Huasco South Coastal Border Park

Rehabilitation and Landscape Integration
Soil Fixers


The intervention is located on the southern coastal border of the Huasco commune, in the area known as Ensenada Chapaco, where valuable marine and terrestrial ecosystems coexist with productive uses linked to the collection of algae and industrial uses related to the operation of CAP mining production plants, the filtered tailings deposit of the Pellet Plant, and the ash deposit of the Guacolda thermoelectric plant. The Project contemplates the landscape integration and rehabilitation of the tailings through the sustainable use of the resulting stabilized Surface. This will be developed through partial closures of the layers of the deposit, while it is being filled, stabilizing its walls with a granular material, avoiding hydraulic or wind erosion, and then covered with sand, revegetated, and stabilized with local species. Likewise, the project contemplates the application of mitigation and compensation measures for the impacts generated on the landscape by the infrastructures associated with the operation of the tailings, integrating them harmoniously. Finally, measures are considered to allow communities access to the productive and touristic areas of the coastal border.

Project File

  • Project Team
  • Architect

    Osvaldo Moreno

  • Collaborators

    Camila Moreno, Sebastián Palacios, Javiera Infante, Juan Palma, Pamela Valenzuela, Claudia Ortiz, and Claudio Masson

  • Design surfase area for use

    4 hectares

  • Landscape management and rehabilitation surface area

    60 hectares

  • Client

    Compañía Minera del Pacífico - CMP


Huasco South Coastal Border Park. Rehabilitation and Landscape Integration of Tailings Deposits, Huasco, Atacama Region, 2020-21
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