Bicentennial High School in Maipu

A pocket native forest
Degraded Urban Soils


In collaboration with the municipality, the NGO SUGi, and the school community, a pocket forest was planted in what was once a vacant lot with degraded soil. Base don the Japanese Miyawaki technique, which reduces the forest´s growth time from 200 to 20 years, this forest in a school space has a triple misión: to impact the ecological real by capturing carbon, generating oxygen, retaining wáter, and increasing biodiversity; transforming the social dimension by creating green infraestructura that serves people, promoting connection and attachment to natural heritage; and finally, achieving an aesthetic objective by beautifying and dignifying places that were once degraded or abandoned.

Project File

  • Project Team

    Bosko, Juan Luis Gueneau de Mussy, Magdalena Valdés, and Sara Edwards.

  • Area

    600 m2

  • Client

    Municipality of Maipú, SUGi


Liceo Bicentenario de Niñas de Maipú, Maipú, Santiago de Chile, 2022
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