Cerro Calán Observatory Park

Restorative acupuncture
Degraded Urban Soils


Cerro Calán is an urban hill located in the middle of a residential area of Santiago, which also houses the National Astronomical Observatory at its summit. Through aerial photographs and terrain studies, it was possible to verify the significant amount of degraded soils present on the hill. These have been caused by various erosion agents, such as improper use, a large number of informal accesses, soil removal, and prolonged water scarcity. For this reason, it became essential to begin the rehabilitación of the hill by improving the soils and incorporating biodoversity nodes. The Project aims to enhance the natural environment of Cerro Calán, enhance its condition as a viewpoint, and incorpórate new activities and ways of observing nature. The hill will be intervened through acupuncture-like punctual interventions based on pre-existing conditions. Trails will be consolidated, soils regenerated, and viewpoints and instruments built, all to build the foundations of a natural park for observation.

Project File

  • Project Team
  • Architects

    Architects: Paula Livingstone Ureta and Javiera Jadue Zarhi

  • Collaborators

    Agustina Wetzig, Bianca Morelli, Gonzalo Cortés, and Gianluca Baghuetti

  • Landscape Rehabilitation

    Lysette Mersey

  • Technical Team
  • Museography


  • Astronomy:

    Guillermo Blanc

  • Citizen Participation:

    Cuatro Vientos Consultores

  • Irrigation Project

    Claudio de la Cerda

  • Universal Accessibility:


  • Structural Calculation:

    Luis Soler y Asociados

  • Astronomical Milestones

    Javier Toro Blum

  • Lighting Design

    Antonia Peon Veiga

  • Area

    56 hectares

  • Clients

    Municipalidad de Las Condes, Universidad de Chile, Fundación Cerros Isla


Cerro Calán Observatory Park, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile, Metropolitan Region, 2021-23
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