Field of

A Field of Situations

The concept of “situation”, as introduced by the British theorist Robert Morris (1701-54) in his Lectures On Architecture (1734-36), allowed for naming the evocative capacity of a building. In its broad sense, a situation refers to the associative qualities that architecture or a landscape possesses to generate “elevated ideas”. Precisely, this possibility of evoking a place has been developed in this section of the exhibition, where through listening to a landscape of sounds collected from different natural scenarios around the city of Puerto Varas in southern Chile, the spaces, journeys and modes of propagation of that latent life, the seeds, are reconstructed.
This is how, in this Field of Situations, the future, in terms of the possibility to imagine architectures and cities that can sustain both human and non-human life, emerges from the “situated” condition of a field. It is a Moving Ecologies made up of seeds, places, as well as relationships of interdependence, collaboration, and care among species.