Native Sidewalk

Tactical Landscapes
Improves urban life


Native Sidewalk is a pilot landscape project that proposes the replacement of a 157 m2 strip of grass with a palette of low water consumption native flora species, with the aim of testing their ability to provide ecosystem services and promote their replicability for the formation of corridors and biodiversity niches in urban environments. The project is part of the proposals that won the 2020 National Public Science Contest and was implemented through three collective planting sessions carried out in August 2021, in which members of the Pedro de Valdivia Norte Neighborhood Association participated, along with volunteers from other city neighborhoods. Currently, a community monitoring process is being carried out together with neighbors and guest, in which the insect and bird species that visit the sidewalk flora are being recorded, with the aim of understanding and studying the different associations that exist between them.

Project File

  • Project Team

    Joaquín Cerda and Cristóbal Barros

  • Collaborator

    Mónica Musalem

  • Technical Team

    Joaquín Cerda, Javiera Delanoy, Margarita Reyes, Loreto Badilla, Tomás, and Sergio Moraga

  • Surface Area

    160 m2

  • Client

    Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología


Native Sidewalk, Providencia, Santiago, Metropolitan Region, 2021
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