Santa Olga Park

Natural Reconstructions
After anthropic fires


In February 2017, several fires affected various places in Chile, with one of the most affected areas being the Maule River región, dedicated mainly to the forestry industry. Santa Olga is a town that was completely consumed by the fire, becoming an emblematic case not only because of the tragedy, but also because of the efforts invested in its reconstruction. The town, which had emerged as an informal settlement for lumber workers between the road to Constitución and the Purapel River, grew over the years to have 400 houses housing more than 1,800 people. The area is surrounded by pine and eucaliptus plantations, forestry activity that has sustained the region´s economy for many years, but that has also destroyed the richness and natural balance of native flora and fauna. The park´s gardens are designed to allow nature to initiate a reconstruction process by itself. Likewise, the planted species will allow new species to colonize with the help of insects and birds. The layout of the trails and gardens follows the slope, occasionally finding poppies, roses, or plants from some burned-down house´s orchards.

Project File

  • Architecture Team

    Matías Zegers Arquitectos

  • Architect

    Matías Zegers

  • Project Manager:

    Andrés Gayangos

  • Project Manager

    Andrés Gayangos

  • Collaborators

    Nina Vidic, Alice Giers and Diego Miranda

  • Landscape Architecture Team

    Lirio Paisaje and HDG Estudio Paisaje

  • Landscape Architect Lirio Paisaje

    Jacinta González

  • Landscape Architects HDG Estudio Paisaje

    Daniela Díaz and Catalina Hormazábal

  • Technical Team
  • Irrigation

    Matías Larraín

  • CMPC Botanical Consultant

    Jaime Espejo

  • Area

    15.000 m2

  • Client



Santa Olga Park, Constitución, Maule Región, 2017-20
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