Sustainable Gardens Providencia

Vegetal Combinations
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The project arises as a consequence of the mega-drought that has been affecting the Central and Northern Zone of Chile since 2009, which demands an immediate reduction in water use for green areas in both public and private spaces in the commune. It consists of replacing lawn surfaces with multi-layer and multi-cycle vegetal communities that achieve at least a 70% reduction in water consumtion. The composition of the vegetal community is designed in such a way that a succession of flowering is expected from September to May, allowing for the availability of pollen, néctar, seeds, and fruits for pollinators, especially those that can collaborate in biological pest control. Depending on the conditions of the site (sunny, semi-shaded, and dense shade areas), a series of vegetal combinations with native and non-invasive exotic plant material perfectly adapted to the location were designed. This vegetal repertoire is also intended to achieve the greatest possible diversity of organisms in the soil given the continuous presence of root exudates throughout the year. Finally, a 10 cm Stone cover keeps the soil covered, protected, and without mechanical disturbance, helping to achieve a drastic reduction in maintenance needs, achieving reductions of up 90% of the time invested in keeping the gardens in good condition.

Project File

  • Project Team
  • Landscape Design

    Macarena Calvo & Cristóbal Elgueta Paisajistas Asociados; SECPLA and Dirección de Obras Municipalidad de Providencia

  • Collaborator

    María Jesús Ramírez

  • Surface Area

    1,700 m2

  • Client

    Municipality of Providencia


Sustainable Gardens Projects, Municipality of Providencia, Providencia, Santiago de Chile, Metropolitan Region, 2019
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