Las Salinas Plant Laboratory

Experimental Gardens
Improves urban life


Located on the grounds of an old oil infrastructure area, the project was conceived as an experimental space with the aim of analyzing the development and evolution of a community of native species for their adaptation to a coastal urban area, with the goal of being replicated in public spaces throughout the city. The garden considers important environmental variables such as water saving, soil condensation, and infiltration of rainfall over the gardens. Since its creation more than 5 years ago, it has been a place of continuous study and scientific research, analyzing not only its vegetation but also its fauna, especially the role of pollinators.

Project File

  • Project Team
  • Landscape Architecture

    Macarena Calvo & Cristóbal Elgueta Paisajismo

  • Collaborators

    Sofía Calvo and Sara Lagos

  • Architectural Design

    57Studio, Benjamín Oportot and Maurizio Angelini

  • Consulting Biologist

    Salvador Donghi

  • Area

    3.718 m2

  • Client

    Las Salinas


Las Salinas Plant Laboratory, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso Region, 2017
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