Los Batros Wetland Park

Topographies for ecology recovery
Improves urban life


Los Batros Wetland corresponds to an ecosystem constituted by the Los Batros estuary and its flood area through which the interconnected system of Laguna Grande and Laguna Chica drains into the Biobío River, an ecosystem that has suffered a high degree of human intervention, making it environmentally degraded area. To address this, and reinforcing what was expressed by community in participatory workshops, it was necessary to restore the wetland ecosystem by considering it as a floodable park in case of heavy rainfall. To achieve this, 5 new wetland zones with new topography were created with wetland and forest vegetation, generating small ecosystems with appropiate vegetation. On the other hand, the intervention was conceived as an integrating area for the locality, benefiting the community with recreational and educational activities. Thus, seeking to reduce inequality of access to green areas an public spaces in an sector with a lack of this type of infrastructure.

Project File

  • Project Team
  • Project consultant and coordinator

    Christian Glavic Arquitectos Asociados

  • Architectural Design Team

    PAN Estudio

  • Head of Architecture Area and Consultant PAN Estudio

    Jorge Heitmann

  • Project Coordinator PAN Estudio

    Marilisa Maffei

  • Architects PAN Estudio

    Diego Ábalos y Gonzalo Valencia

  • Citizen Participation Support PAN Estudio

    Karin Bachler

  • Citizen Participation

    Soledad Díaz de la Fuente, Somos Aldea

  • Master Plan Area

    325 hectares

  • Park Area

    54 hectares (built)

  • Client

    Housing and Urbanization Service of Biobío Region


Los Batros Wetland Park, San Pedro de la Paz, Biobío Region, 2015-18
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