Quinta Normal Park

When the future was dreamed as a field
Improves urban life


Founded in 1842, the “Quinta Normal de Agricultura” became a center for agricultural, viticultural, forestry, and botanical experimentation, a true laboratory for envisioning a future from species and nature. For this purpose, its first director, the Italian agronomist Luigi Sada di Carlo, imported seeds of species from all over the world to shape the country´s future productivity and conservation efforts. Over time, the species acclimatized in Quinta Normal transformed the entire national territory, changing ecosystems and greening the cities of Chile.

Project File

  • Landscape Design

    Claudio Gay, Luigi Sada di Carlo, Rodolfo Phillippi, Teodoro Fernández Arquitectos

  • Architectural Design

    Paul Lathoud, Alberto Cruz Montt, Luciano Kulczewski

  • Area

    35 hectares

  • Client

    Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura (SNA)


Quinta Normal Park, Santiago, Metropolitan Region
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