Metropolitan Park Cerros de Renca

Community Reforestation
Degraded Urban Soils


Despite the great biodiversity present in this urban hill, it is severely affected by human activity, such as the presence of approximately 40 micro-landfills, nearby industrial activity, the use of motor vehicles on unestablished trails, and the depredation of vegetation by pastoral activities. These activities deplete vegetation, compact and contaminate the soil, disrupting the ability of each specimen to absorb water and nutrients. Likewise, the presence of eucaliptus (Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus camaldulensis) makes it difficult to establish native species due to their allelopathic characteristics and high competitiveness with other species. However, different strategies have been implemented to stop erosion through community reforestation programs with native species, projects that aim to turn the Metropolitan Park of Cerros de Renca into a space that improves people´s quality of life in one of the most populous sectors of Santiago. Currently, the park is considered a laboratory where native species from arid climates are being tested, allowing us to envision future public spaces when the effects of climate change modify the ecosystems of Central Chile.

Project File

  • Project Team

    Municipality of Renca. Mayor: Claudio Castro Salas

  • Executive Director

    Etienne Lefranc Acuña

  • Architects

    Valentina Polanco, José Santamaría, Camilo Paredes, and Francisca Miqueles

  • Collaborators

    MMA, PARQUEMET, CONAF, Santiago Metropolitan Regional Government (GORE), Fundación Cultiva (Matías Herceg, Claudio Saavedra, and Sebastián Rojas), Fundación Kawoq (Marion Von Appen and David Wurman), Fundación Urbanismo Social (Pilar Goicolea, Martín Montes, and Fernanda Gorrini), Fundación Cerros Isla (Fernanda Ruiz and Catalina Picón), Teodoro Fernández Arquitectos & LBM, Francisco Izquierdo Arquitectos and Tomás Folch, Universidad Católica School of Agronomy and Forestry (Sonia Reyes, Rossana Ginocchio, and Eduardo Arellano), Universidad Finis Terrae (Mauricio Wood), Universidad del Desarrollo (Centro de Innovación en Ciudades), Renca Nativa (Alexis Ceballos and Roberto Sepúlveda, Semillas (Pablo Muñoz), Alkutun (Freddy Navarrete), Quiñileo Neculqueo (Mikal Neculqueo)

  • Technical Team

    Maricel Durán, María Gabriela Henríquez, Miguel Corvalán, Tomás Folch, Sonia Reyes, Rosanna Ginocchio, and Alejandra Millán

  • Area

    207 hectares

  • Client

    Municipality of Renca


Metropolitan Park of Cerros de Renca, Renca, Santiago de Chile, Metropolitan Region, 2017-Present
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