Koyaüwe Landscaping

Restoration and Native Memory
Degraded Urban Soils


The project sought to restore the symbiotic relationship between the Mapuche people and Nature. Through the reintroduction of native flora at all levels, it aimed to generate a hábitat suitable for attracting and sheltering native fauna, thus recovering the biodiversity that has been lost in the area. The commission began with research and reflection on the original Mapuche landscape through conversations with members of the Mapuche Communities Association of Loncoche. From these conversations, the Word “Mawiza” was discovered; a word in Mapudingun that not only refers to the forest, but also to the integration between trees, soil, subsoil, air water, plants, and animals.

Project File

  • Project Team
  • Architects

    Elemental Chile

  • Landscape Architecture

    JL Arquitectura del Paisaje, Paula Livingstone Ureta and Javiera Jadue Zarhi

  • Area

    3.500 m2

  • Client

    Asociación de Comunidades Mapuches de Loncoche


Koyaüwe Landscaping for the Mapuche Communities Association of Loncoche, Loncoche, Araucanía Región, 2022-23
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