Batuco Marsh Nature Sanctuary Master Plan

Rehabilitation and Consolidation of Environmental Ecologies
Soil Fixers


The inclusión of the Batuco lagoon among the 40 priority wetlands to be protected at a national scale and its emerging declaration as a Nature Sanctuary, drives the need to define a vision of development over time and determine tolos that guide its management and protection. The developed Master Plan aims to be a roadmap that enables the harmonious coexistence of visit experiences and local development, along with the preservation and rehabilitation of the natural environment, in an urban context that expands and densifies. Rehabilitation actions are proposed for the consolidation of “environmental ecologies”, within which the establishment of more diverse plant associations stands out, impacting the attraction of fauna and soil management. On the other hand, the “social ecology” understands that visitors interact with the landscape while learning to protect it, being involved in maintenance tasks and educational activities, in order to learn about the management of the territory.

Project File

  • Project Team
  • Design

    PAUR / Urban Landscape

  • Architects

    Tomás Folch and Sofía Armanet

  • Project Coordinator

    Antonia Besa

  • Collaborators

    Andrea Latrille, Paula Misle, Victoria Pellegrini, Juan Elton, and Camila Romero

  • FSCM Consultants

    Mauricio Fabry and Carlos Ponce

  • Technical Team
  • Landscape Restoration Specialist

    Lysette Mersey

  • Geospatial Analyst

    Pablo Olivares

  • Surface area

    300 hectares

  • Client

    Fundación San Carlos de Maipo


Batuco Marsh Nature Sanctuary Master Plan, Batuco, Lampa, Metropolitan Region, 2020-22
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